Meeting Minutes – May 2018

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Sunset Village Community Association

Madison WI  53705

Meeting Minutes

Date of Meeting:  May 17, 2018

Meeting Location: Bethany United Methodist Church

3910 Mineral Point Road

Madison, WI  53705


Attendees:  Sue Reynard, Mary Allen, Linda Fahy, Ulrike Dieterle, Carl Baumann  Brian Andersen,  Liz Vowles, Ken Raffa, Anne Badey Raffa, Brian Walsh, Ann Walsh


Meeting Opening: 

The meeting was brought to order at 6:35PM

All attendees introduced themselves.


State of SVCA and Budget Discussion:

What should we do with extra funds?

Ulrike suggested we purchase some of our own pizza and beer for the ice cream social since we have extra funds at this time.   Perhaps we could purchase a third round of pizza as well.

Ulrike suggested signs regarding slowing down when you drive and have school kids provide some of the artwork for them.

Liz suggested we purchase something for the Midtown Police Station as a welcome to them.  Suggestions included kitchen items; coffee maker, toaster, microwave, a painting or a historic plaque about Sunset Village.

Ken suggested that since the Midtown Station has an interview room, perhaps we could purchase some plants, stuffed animals and art for it. He also suggested hanging up the plaque that the Sunset Village Community Association received for being good citizens to Midtown.

We are also going to explore some information about the variety of trees in Sunset Village and commission a study of all of the trees.

Ulrike suggested an idea to get children interested and involved with trees.  Paper signs could be attached to trees so that children could name a specific tree.  Included on the sign would be basic facts about that tree.  Hopefully it would generate interest about the importance of trees.

We will open up the floor in August for more ideas.

Summer Events:


Brian Andersen:  Ice Cream Social

This will be August 4 from 1:00 to 4:00.

Sue will contact police and look into Balloons and music.  Brian will look into the fire department bringing a fire truck.

All attendees voted on their  favorite flavors for this event.  We each had  3 votes. The winners were:  Door County Cherry, Turtle and Just Got Serious.


Ulrike Dieterle:  Coordinator, Neighborhood Garage Sale

This will be held on Friday, August 10 and Saturday, August 11 primarily because these seem to be better dates for incoming students as well.

We need more sandwich signs and volunteers to help advertise the sale.

The goal is to get as many people as possible involved to pass the word.


Alder Report:

Arvina Martin could not attend our meeting but gave us a list of updates included here:

Sunset Court Assessments:Assessments have been made for the updates around the Sunset Court area and road repairs. Those should be sent out to residents affected in the coming weeks. If there are any questions about it, please have people contact me here and I will link them up with the correct folks.

Sunset Park Boulders and Children’s Lit quotes: I’ve been going back and forth with Parks, to get a handle on the situation, and it looks like it will be a longer range plan, because current regulations don’t allow for privately funded speech in parks, and that we’d need to make a fairly major change to make sure that it can happen.

It is on the radar of the Parks Long Range Planning Subcommittee, and they are currently reviewing the drafts of the 2018-2023 Park and Open Space Plan, which they are trying to move forward concurrently with the Imagine Madison Comp Plan update. It sounds like the Park and Open Space Plan is the biggest/only major item on the agenda, so it looks like it will be addressed in the next several months.

This is less than ideal, but necessary to make sure that we have a fair policy in place.

Madison Yards/DOT site:  The GDP and zoning changes have been approved, and they will be continuing with the SIP process. When they have plans to present, there will be a chance for neighbors to come give feedback on them.

Demolition on the old DOT building will take place this summer. There have been some complaints regarding the air quality already, and I’ve let DOA know our concerns. If anyone has more concerns please let me know so I can follow up again.

Some Sunset neighbors may notice an increase in on street parking, due to the new departments moving into the new DOT building. If this becomes bothersome, or concerning, let me know

Midvale Ave Accident: After the tragic accident that killed two on Midvale, the county victims resources Office offered to help with a community meeting to help with the trauma of the event. It will be held at Queen of Peace at the end of May, and I will post more information on my blog and send info to you all as details are worked out. We will also be holding a second meeting with Traffic Engineering at the end of July, once all the data from the Crash Report has been processed. There we will look to get information on how to slow down traffic on Midvale.

Misc. Reports:

Anne Badey Raffa:  Friends of Hoyt Park


The summer picnic date is Saturday, June 23 from Noon to 3:00 PM at the Roys Shelter.  This is a potluck event including informal hikes throughout the park.  Lemonade and paper plates and cups will be provided.  Erick Frueling will be our park ranger for this summer.

Workdays will now be the third Saturday of each month until November.  Meet at the main shelter at 10:00.

Please check the FOHP website for details.

FoHP thanks you for your generous offer of space in the recent newsletter.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:30PM


Minutes submitted by:

Anne Badey Raffa, SVCA Secretary

Additions made by Sue Reynard, SVCA president,