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SVCA Meeting Minutes (May 2014)
July 28, 2014

Sequoya Library
4340 Tokay Blvd
Madison, WI 53711

Ken Raffa, President
Brian Anderson, Treasurer
Josh Arnold, Secretary
Miles Arnold
Anne B. Raffa
Liz Vowles
Ulrike Dieterle
Alex Saloutos
Cheri Swenson
Sue Reynard

Meeting brought to order at 6:30 by Ken Raffa. Josh Arnold will send them to Brad to post on the SVCA website. Announcements & Reports -- Correspondence from the City (Ken Raffa) Please see accompanying discussion in New Business below. University Hill Farms neighborhood plan and the Hoyt Park Joint Neighborhood Plan. Friends of Hoyt Park (Cheri Swenson) Treasurerís Report (Brian Andersen) Informal discussion about how to most effectively utilize Hoyt Plan account funding Some suggestions: Shared equipment in the neighborhood, invest in neighborhood events, parties at Hoyt Park or other locations Newsletter (Liz Vowles) Andrew does the layout - Liz and Andrew have been doing the newsletter for a few years now Discussion - where should neighborhood archives be stored? Should they be scanned and posted on the website? Could we pay someone to scan and organize the archives? Should the public library or historical society house the hard copies of the documents? The group expressed general interest in considering this opportunity in the future. Past Events The group thanked the volunteer organizers of these events and encouraged continued participation. A discussion item was timing for the neighborhood garage sale. Ken will follow up with Amanda. Upcoming Events This Saturday, August 2, 2014 (1-4 pm) Lucia Crest Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream - voting for flavors - received about 20 responses - for flavors cappuccino break, cherry amaretto fudge, chocolate, vanilla, Italian lemon ice Great Dane beer Luigiís pizza Opportunity to renew membership with SVCA Pint Glasses will be sold (provided that SVCA is careful with glass in the park) Continuing Business New Business Topics of Interest - Future Speakers (Ken Raffa)
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