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SVCA Meeting Minutes (May 2014)
May 5, 2014

A. M. Fuller, recording

Sequoya Library
4340 Tokay Blvd
Madison, WI 53711

Ken Raffa, President
Brian Anderson, Treasurer
A. M. Fuller, Acting Secretary
Bev Flanigan
Liz Vowles
Ulrike Dieterle
Irene Immerfall
Leanne Bergstrom
Carl Baumann
Peter Krug
Anne B. Raffa

The meeting was brought to order by K. Raffa approx. 6:30pm, the sign-up sheet was circulated and attending members introduced themselves.

Corrections and revisions to the February 17, 2014 minutes were requested. None heard, a motion was made (L. Vowles) and seconded (C. Baumann) to accept the minutes as written. Motion passed.

Old Business
Hoyt Park Plan
Status on the website is unknown, although it is supposed to be finalized by now. The Friends of Hoyt Park have not offered an update either.

Treasurer’s report (B. Anderson)
Treasure is in good standing, although there are bills to be paid for the newsletter, and money to be collected from ads placed in the newsletter.
There is also $1,363 in a separate account which was given by Bagels Forever (Barry Berman, owner) that was to be used for the Hoyt Park Plan. SVCA was able to use money from the City of Madison before we needed to use the Bagels Forever donation. The decision was made to ask Barry if he has any other preference for the money. Suggestions included SV social events.

Newsletter (L. Vowles)
We lost one carrier, but got two additional volunteers.

Garage Sale (K. Raffa)
Info on the garage sale is online at the SV website:
Currently there are 24 households participating. There is a map showing them on the website, as well.

Make Music Madison (K. Raffa)
Will be held in Lucia Crest Park on June 21, at 6:30-8:30pm. See the article in the recent newsletter for more info.
Tim Gruber is organizing it.

Community Orchard (B. Anderson)
Planned for the northwest corner of Lucia Crest Park. Brian got a map and list of possible fruit trees to include from Tom Maglio, the Madison Landscape Architect and circulated them at the meeting. Jamie McAllister also has a list. There are still questions of
  - Which trees to get
  - Where to get them
  - When to plant them
  - Will the city mow around them.
The best time to plant them seems to be in the Spring. The plan will be announced at Make Music Madison in the park.
The city wants to improve their list, as well.
For more info, refer to the newsletter article.
Suggestions included
  - Having digging party
  - Using gators to make sure the trees remain hydrated ? Having a contest for kids to help with the upkeep.

Portable SVCA signs (K. Raffa)
Volunteers are needed to store the signs. Ken will send out request through the list server.
Suggestions included institutional buildings such as:
  - Churches
  - The fire station
Ken will also ask Ald. Chris Schmidt for options.

Parking on Lucia Crest
The city has already approved 2 hour parking on all of Lucia Crest, probably for M-F.
A suggestion was made to have a park & ride lot somewhere nearby. Ken will contact Chris Schmidt about it.

Accessory dwelling units (K. Raffa)
Ken received an envelope from the city with info on a requested “accessory dwelling unit” at 221 S. Midvale. This would be a second house on the lot. The info included a map of the lot including the existing house plus the proposed second house. It was proposed as a residence for relatives who would eventually help care for the aging owners of the main home. Presumably, the immediately adjacent neighbors already know of the request.
To understand the concept better, check out article in Isthmus 11/21/2013 (see ) .
Ken will get pdf files of the documents from Ald Chris Schmidt and send them to those who are interested.
Another ADU has been requested at 220 N. Meadow Ln.
All residents of Sunset Village are invited to comment to Ken Raffa through his SVCA link or Tim Parks from the Dept. of Planning and Development at 266-4635, email: (or email to both).

Mt Olive site
Nothing new to report.

Motion to adjourn: A. Fuller
Second: L. Vowles
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