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SVCA Meeting Minutes (February 2014)
Date of Meeting: Monday, February 17, 2014

Sequoya Library
4340 Tokay Blvd
Madison, WI 53711

Minutes by: Josh Arnold,

Ken Raffa, President
Linda Fahy, Secretary
Brian Anderson, Treasurer
Ulrike Dieterle
Cheri Swenson
Liz Vowles
Anne Raffa
Sue Reynard
Josh Arnold

Meeting brought to order
Ken Raffa opened the meeting at 6:30 p.m.

Please see attendee list

Minutes from previous meeting
Minutes from Dec 2, 2013 meeting approved

Announcements & Reports
Ald. Chris Schmidt (report read by Ken Raffa)
Possible future neighborhood meeting - regarding plans for re­constructing the intersection of Midvale +
Mineral Point update and construction, place and time TBD
City acquisition of Mt. Olive site appears to be on track

Election of SVCA officers (Linda Fahy)
Thank you to Linda Fahy for your service to the neighborhood! Ken Raffa presented Linda with a Sunset Village pint glass as a gift.
New officers ­­ Election of officers
14 votes for Ken Raffa, President
6 votes for Brian Anderson, Treasurer
8 votes for Josh Arnold, Secretary

Friends of Hoyt Park report (Cheri Swenson)
Owl Walk - Full Moon - 2/14/14 - 12 attendees (About half of the attendees were new - there was an article in the Isthmus newspaper about Friends of Hoyt park) Annual meeting tentatively scheduled for Wed, 4/23/24, Hoyt School
Wayne Smalley on Prairie Lore
Stone work in the Hoyt Park - WPA work; Greenbush neighborhood
Interest in new information for the kiosk in the parking area
Possible poster or other new information - Landmarks Commission, Historical Society
Search for new ranger at City Parks - looking for a summer ranger summer position (part­time)

Treasurer’s Report (Brian Anderson)
The bank account balance on 01/31/14 was $5480.69.
Recent activity:
Deductions (Bucky Books in the amount of $575)
Deposits (pint glass fundraiser $$$ and 4 additional memberships.)

Newsletter (Liz Vowles)
Opportunity for more people to advertise neighborhood services on the back page of the newsletter
Possible opportunities for newsletter carrier for Owen Drive, Sunset Court Next newsletter deadline is April 12, 2014

Neighborhood Garage Sale (Ken Raffa)
Neighborhood Garage sale will be scheduled May 9 & 10, 2014
Contact Amanda Struckmeyer by May 1, 2014

Community Orchard (Brian Anderson) -
Edible garden, is it possible to engage the city process for planting, next step is to create a plan for number and location of trees, send in to city for approval, develop plan, agreement and review for city prior to approval
Neighborhood would purchase the trees; estimate $30/tree
Neighbors have tentatively agreed to provide water for saplings; water is on the other side of the park, but the water source is on the other side of the park
Consider rain barrels, water gators; may consider including in the grant; include neighborhood funds in the grant application
Proposal: allocate $250 to the trees (Sue)
Second: (Linda)
Votes: passes

Sunset Village Facebook page (Josh Arnold)
Thanks to our neighbor Carolyn Fath for setting up the site - 72 likes!
All are welcome to post information or photos
Brian - can we see who has "liked" the page? Administrative view can see who has "liked" the page.

Ice Rink (Josh Arnold)
Suggestion to investigate feasibility of an ice rink at Lucia Crest.
Adopt a Rink; City Grant; look at resources from Westmorland
Possible volunteer resources at Captial city church
Irene Immerfall; Lucia Crest - her son was an Olympic skater Hillington Green (Liz)

Dog Run (Ulrike Dieterle)
Midvale and Segoe (hard copy handouts)
Ulrike to send electronic documents to Ken
Ken to send the documents to Hill Farms, Chris Schmidt, Josh Arnold
If there is enough interest, both neighborhoods to work together

Neighborhood Santa visits (Ken Raffa)
Brian has a Santa suit in position Lucia Crest shelter
Winter Festival (discussion, all)
Survey neighbors - dog run, orchard, ice rinks, santa visits; carolers, winter festival in the park; ice sculptures; singers; ice skating; hot chocolate; warming hut, fireplaces, snowman, igloos - could be at Lucia Crest or Hoyt Park

Include electronic survey; newsletter survey to neighbors
Potential topics for future guest speakers (all)
Community clean sweep (hazardous materials; electronics) - radio shack and e­cycle
Shred it ­­ UW
Include as part of garage sale - guest speaker
Clean Planet electronics recycling on University Ave.

Meeting Adjourned
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