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SVCA Meeting Minutes (December 2013)

14 residents attended: Brian Andersen, Carl Bauman, Kit Becker, Ulrike Dieterle, Beverly Flanigan, A.M. Fuller, Barb Gerloff, Eileen Gilbert, Peter Krug, Ken Raffa, Anne Raffa, Sue Reynard, Cheri Swenson, Carson (Chic) Young.

There was also 1 observer and 1 presenter.

Ken Raffa called the meeting to order at 6:30 and introductions were made all around. Sue Reynard volunteered to record minutes.

Four topics were added to the agenda: (1) An idea for combined canvassing for charitable donations, (2) Discussion of sewer warranty program, (3) Purchasing of more SV beer mugs, (4) Suggestion that SVCA develop a Facebook page.

APPROVAL OF PREVIOUS MINUTES Minutes from the previous meeting were approved without changes. As a reminder, the minutes are always available online, but handouts were available at the meeting.

1. Ken explained that the Hoyt Park Area Joint Neighborhood Plan, which was originally supposed to be addressed by the Plan Commission a few weeks ago, was instead shifted to tonight. Hence a conflict between that meeting and our meeting. Our alder, Chris Schmidt, and several SVCA members were at the Plan Commission meeting not here.
2. Alder’s Report: Chris S. emailed Ken to confirm that the city’s purchase of the Mt. Olive site for the west police district was proceeding ahead, and money for the purchase was approved in the last city budget.
3. Cheri reported on a recent Friends of Hoyt Park meeting. The city is working to repair the chain link fence by removing trees that had fallen on and removing invasive tree species within 5 feet of the fence. FoHP also manages donations made to support specific projects in the park, including a new boulder that is on the prairie below the overlook and the plan to add some trees based on monies collected in 2009. As usual FoHP completed a prairie seed collection, using the seeds from the previous season to re-seed the prairies. Ken suggested that FoHP consider adding a plaque to commemorate the original Greenbush neighborhood members who did much of the masonry that helped establish Hoyt Park. (Bring up this idea with FoHP and add to Facebook page.)

1. Treasurer’s Report - Current balance in bank is $5795, but there are two outstanding checks ($100 for Halloween party expenses + $552 for Bucky Books). The recent membership drive generated 51 donations-about 10 more than last year-plus an additional donation was handed in at the meeting; some included the purchase of the Bucky Books. Sale of the SVCA beer mugs generated $126. Total funds raised (minus what was needed to purchase the Bucky Books) was $1229.00. Chic Young suggested we use some money to develop an additional neighborhood sign (like what’s next to the firehouse) at the Mineral Point/Midvale interchange. That intersection is being considered for reconstruction, so that might be a good time to develop new signage.
2. Newsletter-Liz V. could not attend tonight. Nothing new to report. Next deadline for submissions is January 12, 2014.
3. Halloween Party-a great success. The UW Women’s Basketball team attended and got the children to dribble basketballs. Home brew was sampled (some in SVCA beer mugs). Food and supply donations were made by HyVee and Metcalfe’s.
4. Santa visits - too late to do this for 2013, but Ken proposed seeing if there was interest in reviving the idea for 2014. Brian Anderson has the Santa suit owned by the SVCA. Decided to survey the listserv members and announce on Facebook page. Options would be for Santa to visit homes (as in the past) or have a central meeting place. Might be able to coordinate with Hill Farms.
5. Community orchard - Brian Anderson has contacted the city to see if 4 to 6 dwarf fruit trees could be planted in Lucia Crest Park to replace two older apple trees that were cut down several years ago. Attendees expressed support for the idea. Brian will develop an article for the next newsletter to invite further input.

Nearly two years has passed since the last elections, so it is time to elect new officers at the first meeting in 2014. Nominations at the meeting were: President: Ken Raffa; Secretary: Josh Arnold; Treasurer: Brian Anderson. Nominations remain open. Please contact Ken if you would like to volunteer for a position or nominate someone else.

Based on an idea suggested by Tom Popp some time ago, Ann Albert, the executive director of SAIL was invited to speak at the meeting. SAIL (Supporting Active Independent Lives) is a non- profit, membership driven organization that connects people 55+ years old with each other and with community resources to help them live safely in their homes as long as possible in older age. There are currently 500 members around Dane County, most of them in the near west side (where SAIL was started in 2004). Attendees thought many people in the SVCA area might be interested in the services that SAIL offers, so Ann was invited to develop an article for the next newsletter describing the organization and its services. SAIL can be reached at (608)230-4321 or

1. Eileen Gilbert passed around a form that the Westmorland Neighborhood uses to solicit charitable donations from a variety of health- and community-oriented non-profits. This is a substitute for having the organization do door-to-door canvassing on their own, and is something that SVCA could consider.
2. Some questions were raised about the new sewer warranty program. A new state law prohibits city staff from performing repair work on “lateral” sewer pipes that go into homes. Cheri Swenson said she called the city phone number and got helpful information about the position and length of the pipes on her property, and recommends others do the same. The new insurance only covers work external to the home. Ken will email addition questions to Chris.
3. & 4. Unanimous approval to encourage Josh Arnold to purchase more SVCA beer mugs to be offered for sale and to pursue establishing a Facebook page for SVCA. Brian A. will work with Josh on the FB page.
5. Three SV residents who attended the Plan Commission meeting managed to come late and report that 9 people had registered in favor of the HPAJNP as it was approved by the neighborhoods. The PC voted to adopt the plan with all the city-recommended changes (a number of which were opposed by the neighborhoods), and then was apparently going to revisit some sections. The plan goes to Common Council on Jan 18th.

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