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SVCA Meeting Minutes (August 2013)

22 people attended the meeting: Ingrid Andersson, Carl Baumann, Leanne Bergstrom, Ryan Boyd, Ben Brubaker, Kirsten Dennison, Ulrike Dieterle, Stephen J. Exner, Linda Fahy, A.M Fuller, Barb Gerloff, John Hackney, Vaughan James, Peter Krug, Tom Popp, Ken Raffa, Anne Raffa, Alder Chris Schmidt, Alex Saloutos, Cheri Swenson, Jason Valerius, Liz Vowles

Ken Raffa called the meeting to order at 6:35 p.m. All attendees were introduced. Minutes from the previous meeting were approved with 3 corrections. Ken said the minutes were always available to read before the meeting on the SVCA website and it would be easier to read on line rather than distributing copies.

Announcements and call for Agenda Adjustments

1. The Madison Parks Forestry Department is launching a Heritage Tree Program. This is a new program designed to help interested citizens recognize and care for special and significant trees in their community. If you are interested check the city website for more details.

2. The Garage Sale attendance was hurt this year by bad weather. There were only about 13 participants selling. There was a small discussion on how to improve the event and make it more organized.

3. The Ice Cream Social was well attended. Lots of people came and enjoyed free ice cream, pizza and beer. Many thanks to the Chocolate Shoppe, Great Dane, and Luigi’s pizza for their generous donations.

4. There were 2 small adjustments to the agenda and Friends of Hoyt Park was added.

Citizens for Safe Corridors

Ingrid Andersson was introduced to speak about “Citizens for Safe Corridors”, a group of neighborhood people who are promoting a safer environment for pedestrians, bicyclists and drivers along University Avenue. Ingrid distributed a hand out with additional information. The group has 2 September meetings planned at West High School and Shorewood Village but the dates are not confirmed.

There was further discussion on safety issues at crosswalks and intersections. Many people were concerned that it was so dangerous for children and anyone with bikes and strollers to get through the larger intersections. Rica suggested that this is probably a public health issue and perhaps the group could contact the city Public Health Dept. for help. They sometimes have funding available and might be able to help fund education for drivers and pedestrians.

Friends of Hoyt Park

Cheri Swenson spoke briefly about the last Hoyt Park meeting which included info on fence repair and keeping the area around any fencing free from invasive plants.

Upcoming Events

1. The Second Annual Hillside/Owen Block Party will be held on Saturday Sept. 28. It’s an all day affair so come early and have a good time.

2. Halloween Parade will be Sunday afternoon Oct. 27 from 2-4 pm. at Sunset Park. Alice Yuroff is in charge of the event so contact her for details.

3. Madison Makes Music was a successful event this year and will be held again. Tim Gruber was not able to attend tonight to discuss future plans, but Tom Popp will look into what’s being organized for next year. Let him know if you’re interested in being involved. There was further discussion on the possibility of adding other venues or using Bethany Church and the church organ. Ken said he would help coordinate with other neighbors such as Westmorland.

Hoyt Park Joint Neighborhood Plan Updates

Jason Valerius gave an overview of the plan’s process through city committees. Most committees are finished with their review but there’s still a couple more before the plan goes on to staff and the Plan Commission. Chris Schmidt explained the procedure for getting it to the Plan Commission. He expects the plan to go through but says there will probably be a conflict with some of our suggested building heights particularly along the University corridor. Also any illustrations that are inconsistent with city policy will need to be removed. There was further discussion about adding a chapter on economic development and if that was required, but Chris emphasized that we don’t need to tackle this because we are strictly a residential area and not a commercial one.

General Discussion/Alder comments

John Hackney said the Landmarks Commission is focusing on Sunset Hills and Hillfarms as a historic district. If you are interested contact them for more info. Brief discussion about The Safe Corridor group being included in the Hoyt Park Plan but could fit better into the Hill Farms plan which is in process. Several people suggested having a big party after the Hoyt Plan is finally approved.

Chris Schmidt: The Hilldale redo plan will go to committees soon. A west side police station is still a strong possibility for the Mt.Olive site. There’s money for the Mineral Point/Midvale intersection redo because the city just got a federal grant for the project. The breakdown is 90% fed money and 10% city.

Ken adjourned the meeting at 8:15.
Linda Fahy, Secretary

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