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SVCA Meeting Minutes (May 2013)

Sunset Village Neighborhood Meeting- Bethany Methodist Church 6:30 p.m.

21 people attended the meeting: Brian Andersen, Daniel Beld, Nancy Beld, Ulrike Dieterle, Linda Fahy, Barbara Gerloff, John Hackney, Glenn Kramer, Melanie Kranz, Peter Krug, Linda Newman, Ken Raffa, Anne Raffa, Sue Reynard, Alex Saloutos, Chris Schmidt, Steven Sichr, Cheri Swenson, Liz Vowles, Jason Valerius, Ray White

Ken Raffa called the meeting to order at 6:35 p.m. Everyone attending the meeting was introduced. Ken distributed copies of minutes from the December meeting and they were approved with 2 spelling corrections. Ken also distributed copies of 4 city staff reports that included comments from their review of the current Hoyt Park Plan. The 4 city departments were: Economic Development Division, Metro Transit System, Parks Division, and Traffic Engineering and Parking Division.

Kenís Announcements:

1. See newsletter for information on "Impact Kids Camp" Pastor Jones is ill and unable to come this evening for discussion
2. Help celebrate the Summer Solstice this year with Make Music Madison on June 21 from 4 to 8pm. There are celebrations at Lucia Crest Park and other locations all around the city. Newsletter has more details.
3. Please send Ken your ideas for future meeting topics. When Hoyt Park Plan is finished he would like to have some guest speakers and further discussions on urban agriculture and the SALE organization for seniors.
4. Flyers are available for anyone interested in signing up for future Brewer baseball games. Trips are arranged by Glenn Kramer and Bethany Methodist Church.
5. Rica Dieterle discussed her interest in improving the dog park at Lucia Crest park. Alder Chris Schmidt said to put a hold on this for now. The city is looking for areas that would be appropriate for dog parks but feels Lucia Crest is probably too small for a dog run.

Hoyt Park Plan Discussion

Ken explained he had asked Barbara Gerloff to look through the current Hoyt Park Plan for typos, errors or inconsistencies and focus on Sunset Village only as opposed to comments from Sunset Hills, Rocky Bluff, VanChaMasShe etc. He then thanked her for her hard work in finishing the project. Barb distributed a handout with her comments and concerns over some of the edits in the March 13, 2013 Plan. She said most of her comments were trivial and there were no major issues. She felt the largest omission was confusion in finding any results from the neighborhood survey.

Several people had questions in regard to the final document and what the process was for final city approval. Rica asked what we do with comments from the different city departments and if they will be reflected in the plan. Ken and Chris Schmitz said that yes the Plan Commission will address all committee reports and any city comments. The final report then goes to the City Council for a vote and will include any changes made from the Plan Commission.

Additional comments about the Hoyt Park Neighborhood Plan:

-There are still bus issues that werenít clarified in the report, specifically a route south on Midvale to the Library. The staff report is too vague.
-The building height issue along University was not addressed clearly. If we keep the maximum height to under 5 stories the city will ignore that part of our plan.

Sue Reynard said she felt the plan overall was a good one and we should include a strong letter of support that says that we support the draft plan as it is now, after making any necessary corrections.

Sue: I move we approve the draft of the current Hoyt Park Plan from the Steering Committee with corrections.

Discussion about the motion:

-Ray: disappointed this wasnít more of an out of the box, forward looking plan. He feels that the draft took some of this away. He agrees with some staff comments.
-Liz: thatís the gist of this 7-page document from the city. Do we want to vote for something that doesnít reflect some of those points from the staff comments.
-Alex: thereís still good stuff in the plan. The staff reports are late coming in. The city can always amend the plan if there are conflicting messages.
-Jason: the engineering report makes sense. We should reinforce the ideas of neighborhood involvement and be open to creative solutions. Stress that our neighborhood believes in the open meeting concept an that we are flexible.

There were no more comments and the motion was repeated and seconded.

Final vote was 16 yes. 1 no. The motion passed.

Approval Process Discussion

Ken said he would compose a one page letter to Jule Stroick and summarize the main points from the SVCA document and give her the vote count.

The plan goes through all the various committees and their recommendations are included with the document when it finally goes to the Common Council. The council wonít actually change our plan but will add their recommendations . Kind of a "writing in the margins" addition.

Ken reminded everyone to refer to his handout "Newly Revised Schedule for Hoyt Park Area Joint Plan Review by City". This has dates for the process as the plan moves through committees to the City Council.

If anyone wants to attend one of the meetings, the Plan Commission is the most important. If you wish to speak at any of the meetings, you have to register and turn in your comments in advance, several days at least.

There were a few more questions about when the committees meet and when all recommendations would be included. Ken confirmed that he will ask Jule to send him a copy of the final document after all the corrections are made. Jason stressed that whatís important is to see that final revised draft. Itís not necessary to keep up with each city committee.

Discussion followed on when the final document will be available to read. The actual final adoption day by the council will probably be pushed into August. Several people wanted to read the final document that would include all committee recommendations. Glenn suggested scheduling a SVCA meeting before the council meeting date so we can read the final revision. Several people agreed and Glenn Kramer made a motion.

Glenn : I move we schedule a SVCA meeting between the publishing of the agenda for the Plan Committee Meeting and the actual Plan Committee meeting now scheduled for July 8.

The motion was seconded. The vote tally was 16 yes. 1 No. The motion passed.

There was further discussion as how to announce the SVCA meeting. Newsletter deadline is July 12 and meeting dates for the city council and committees could change. No decision was made.

Ken thanked everyone for their hard work and collaboration on the Hoyt Plan project.

Alderís Report

Chris had 2 announcements. 1) The Mineral Pt./Midvale intersection is being redesigned now and traffic improvements and new construction should begin in 2015. There will be turn lanes in every direction and an improved traffic flow.

2) Hill Farms is starting to put together a neighborhood plan.

Ken again thanked everyone for coming and the meeting adjourned at 8:05 p.m.

Linda Fahy

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