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SVCA Meeting Minutes (June 2012)

Sunset Village Neighborhood Association Meeting- Sequoya Library 6:30 p.m.

There were 24 people present: Mary Allen, Kit Becker, Al Bryan, Linda Fahy, Beverly Flanigan, Barbara Gerloff, Cindy Grindeman, John Hackney, Melanie Kranz, Jack & Ruth LaRu, Gene Leake, Nike Mourikes, Jean MacCubbin, Linda Newman, Emilie Pechmann, Ken Raffa, Anne Raffa, Sue Reynard, Alex Saloutos, Bill & Cheri Swenson, Tim Tuttle, Liz Vowles

Ken Raffa called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m. A sign in sheet was distributed and everyone attending the meeting was introduced. Ken presented the agenda. Minutes from February meeting were distributed and approved with one correction of adding a summary sheet of the Hoyt Park Plan Focus Area discussion. Ken thanked Jason Valerius for organizing the comments and putting together the summary.

  1.Alder Chris Schmidt unable to attend so there is no Alders Report.

  2.Discussion of Hoyt Park Area Joint Neighborhood Plan

Ken opened the floor for an honest discussion of the Hoyt Park Plan. He encouraged everyone to speak up and feel free to ask questions or discuss areas of concern. He emphasized that this was our neighbor plan and everyone should be a part of it.

Jean MacCubbin, co chair of the Hoyt Park Plan, announced that she would give an update on the plan and help with any questions. Jason Valerius, the other co-chair, could not attend tonight.

Several people had immediate questions and wanted to make comments. The first issue concerned rumors that Bethany Methodist Church was moving. 2 people were concerned that both Mt. Olive and the Bethany properties were going to be vacant. Jean showed a map of the area and defined the blocks of concern. She explained what the zoning regulations were now and stated that the city has no current plans to move or redevelop these churches. To her knowledge Bethany Church was not relocating.

Additional comments about the Hoyt Park Neighborhood Plan:

    -Draft of the plan lacks detail. Doesnít reflect enough comments from the survey

    -Consultants have the information but arenít releasing the data.

    -Data from the survey hasnít been released publicly.

    -Consultants are not listening to the comments from survey and public meetings.

    -Values of neighborhood arenít being represented.

Sue Reynard suggested we need to clarify the Sunset Village opinion about the Hoyt plan. After further discussion, Sue made a motion:

The Sunset Village Community Association would like the Hoyt Neighborhood Plan to correctly reflect the character and values of our neighborhood as well as the majority opinion of the survey data compiled.

The motion was seconded by several people and passed unanimously, 24-0

  1.Update of the Hoyt Plan Steering Committee

Jean announced that the draft plan has been released and is now available on the web site. There is also a copy at the Sequoia Library reference desk. A comment sheet is also available on line and can be mailed or emailed to Vandewalle. It should be returned by June 13.

There is a Hoyt Neighborhood Bird Sanctuary Design Charrette on June 13. Meeting is at the First Baptist Church. Purpose is to brainstorm and plan a series of bird sanctuaries within the neighborhood plan area.

The steering committee is setting up a meeting with the presidents and representatives from the Hoyt Park neighborhood associations, Sunset Village, Sunset Hills and VanChaMasShe. Date is not definite but will probably be in the last week of June. Purpose is to discuss the draft and what changes are needed.

  1.Continued open discussion about the Plan

Discussion continued with many questions about rezoning and whether it was discussed in the plan. Ken clarified that zoning issues are discussed in the draft plan He urged everyone to go on line and refer to the redevelopment section of the current draft, particularly where it discusses Mineral Pt. Road and Midvale future development. He again discussed the purpose of our Neighborhood plan.

Several people were concerned that the approval process of the final plan would not include them. There was confusion and anger about the future meeting between the steering committee and neighborhood representatives and why everyone wasnít included.

Ken explained that the neighborhood associations will still vote on the plan. Our representatives from that meeting will bring back information to share with SVCA and we can discuss and then vote. Ken agreed that we still need clarification on this approval process since itís been a constant point of concern and argument.

Further comments from other attendees:

    -The city is going to do what it wants no matter what the neighborhood plan says.

    -The city hasnít communicated well but they have a more realistic view of what the plan needs to be passed by all the groups and the city council.

    -Remember this is only a draft. It is not a final plan.

    -The current plan doesnít address school busing or school needs..

    -This plan should be taken away from Vandewalle. We should finish the plan and draft ourselves. Why do we need consultants.

    -Canít we meet with Vandewalle ourselves and discuss this.

Jean MacCubbin said that the Hoyt Park Steering committee meets Monday night July 18 and that would be a good time for people to come and air their views. Ken also will ask Brian or Jule to meet just with our Sunset Village group and discuss the draft. Alex Salotos then suggested that we make a motion to make sure that we set up an inclusive process for approving the final plan. He stressed that it was our plan not the consultants. After much more discussion Sue Ryder made a motion:

I move that the approval or disapproval of the Hoyt Park Neighborhood Plan must be made at an open public meeting of the entire Sunset Village Community Assn.

The motion was seconded by Ken Raffa.

The motion passed. 22 for. 1 against. 1 abstention.

More discussion concerned SVCAís roll in the process. Some thought that Sunset Village had the final say. Jean said each neighborhood assn. will have itís own meeting and vote on the plan. Our meeting will be an opinion by Sunset Village only. The last step before the plan is sent to the city will be a vote by each neighborhood association. The Hoyt Park Steering Committee meetings include all these neighborhood associations and provides a good venue for sharing the opinions from each group. Jean stressed that all the associations have equal share. SVCA does not have the major say on the plan.

Ken asked for other questions or clarifications.

    -some Hammersley residents were concerned about fence height regulations for buildings behind them.

    -questions on whether edits and changes would get in the plan.

    -Melanie suggested setting up a separate meeting to discuss issues brought up tonight

    -Several people were concerned that input from the May 30 meeting wasnít reflected in the current draft.

    -Jean explained that input from the May 30 meeting will be included in the next draft. It will include the strike throughs and the new edits so youíll know what was taken out and what is new.

    -There was continued argument over the editing process and whether we were working together as a group to make edits, or if only the 3 reps and president would do the final edit.

Ken asked for nominations for our 3 representatives. Alex said we should kick it back to the steering committee because it was their idea. Ken said it would be best for us to decide now. Debate then started about the purpose and role of the reps. Eventually 4 people were nominated:

Melanie Kranz, Sue Reynard, Bev Flanigan, and Liz Vowles. Jean then suggested it might be a good idea to have 4 reps so weíd have a back up. Jeanís motion:

I move that the slate of 4 SVCA representatives are approved which will provide an alternate when needed.

Cindy Grindeman seconded.

The motion passed unanimously.

There were continuing comments about the Neighborhood Plan and the perception that it did not reflect the views of people here.

Several people said they did not want any rezoning. Rezoning is the log jam. We donít want any rezoning changes and the city seems unwilling to come discuss this with us.

Vanderwall is not reflecting our view in the plan.

John Hackney suggested that we form a study group to review many of the issues that were discussed at this meeting. He felt the regular steering committee wasnít enough.

Others said they thought a study group would be a waste of time.

Ken said we could have 5 people for a SVCA sub committee and asked for a quick motion. John Hackny moved "that a SVCA study group be formed". Ann Raffa seconded the motion. The motion passed after a show of hands. 5 people volunteered for the group: Bev Flanigan, John Hackney, SueReynard, Linda Newman, Melanie Kranz.

The library announced it was closing so the meeting quickly adjourned at 8:45 p.m.

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