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SVCA Meeting Minutes (February 2012)

20 people were in attendance

Janice Antoniewicz called the meeting to order and introduced Ken Raffa as the new SVCA president. Ken thanked Janice for her service, gave a brief agenda for the meeting and asked for introductions from those attending. Ken encouraged people to consider volunteering for some of our committees. So far we have 2 people who will head up the social group. He also asked for ideas on future guest speakers such as neighborhood crime watch or environmental issues.

Alder Report- Chris Schmidt

There is no change in the Madison Preparatory Academy situation. At this moment it doesn’t look as if they will be using the Mt. Olive Church facility.

The Newspaper Association Building near Mineral Point and Larkin is for sale. There is a potential buyer but sale will not be final until some upgrading issues are cleared.

Chris said that the Water Utility Dept. will be starting upgrades around the city in the spring and changes should be completed and reflected in August bills. In the future home owners can track their water usage on line.

Neighborhood Plan Discussion

There was some discussion and questions about the Hoyt Park Neighborhood plan and when a draft of the plan would be available to read. Ken suggested that a good format for that would be a general meeting like tonight where people could discuss freely. He stressed the importance of this plan being a "grass roots" opportunity for everyone from the SVCA area to come and talk and review the proposed plan. The second week of May at our next SVCA meeting would be a workable timeframe. Information can go into our spring newsletter.

Important Dates

Sue Raynard discussed the upcoming March 1 meeting at the Bethany United Methodist Church. This is a working group session to discuss possible redevelopment sites along Mineral Pt. Road and Speedway. The main topic will be "Redevelopment without Rezoning". Handouts were available with additional information. The meeting starts at 7pm at the church at 3910 Mineral Point Road.

Hoyt Neighborhood Plan Session

Jason Valerius showed large geographical maps of the area and explained the format for discussing the Hoyt Neighborhood Plan. The business section of the meeting was then adjourned. Everyone broke into small groups for a review of the maps and a general discussion and question period.

February 17, 2012 SVCA meeting - Hoyt Area Plan Focus Areas Discussion Activity

Linda Fahy, Secretary

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