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SVCA Meeting Minutes (November 2011)

Sunset Village Neighborhood Association Meeting - Sequoya Library

32 neighbor attendance.

1. Alder Report- Chris Schmidt.

Madison Preparatory Academy is negotiating with the city for approval to rent the Mount Olive Lutheran Church property at 4018 Mineral Pt. Rd. If approved they would open next fall with an enrollment of 120 to 150 students that first year. In 3 years they estimate an increase to 360 students. Representatives from the Academy will set a date for a neighborhood meeting with the Westmoreland and Sunset Village neighborhood associations and their alders as soon as possible.

Chris said that a review of the city budget reflects cut backs on street resurfacing projects for next year but there are still plans to resurface Regent St. west of Midvale Avenue. There are no major changes to snowplowing.

2. President Vacancy

President Janice Antoniewicz announced that her term as president was ending this year. SVCA needs to nominate and elect a new president or co presidents. Nominations can be made in writing and given to the secretary at least one month prior to the Annual Meeting which will be held in February 2012. All nominations will be printed in the newsletter and then voted on at the Feb. meeting. Send nominations to Linda Fahy either by email or regular mail.

Tony Klink and Bill Swenson thanked Janice for her service and hard work during her term. Tony also nominated Ken Raffa for president. The motion was seconded.

There was some discussion on voting rules and whether dues must be paid to be eligible to vote. The basic requirements are to be 18 years of age and live in the Sunset Village area. The Bylaws are posted on line and should give details. Information will also be printed in the next newsletter along with all nominations.

3. City Clerk Presentation on new voter ID laws.

A representative from the office of City Clerk in Madison gave a presentation on the recent changes to Wisconsinís election laws. She discussed the new requirements for obtaining a photo ID and the types of identification that will be accepted at the polling places. She encouraged everyone to ask questions now and get detailed information before trying to vote. Handouts were also available for further information.

4. Neighborhood Plan Committee Report

Jean MacCubbin and Jason Valerius gave a brief update on the Neighborhood Plan. Committee members have expressed some frustration with communication from the consultants Vandewalle & Associates, citing a need for better scheduling and advance planning.

The Neighborhood Walkabouts conducted in September and October were interesting and provided good information and ideas to the committee.

The first community meeting was held on Oct. 13 and was well attended by over 100 people. There were many complaints that the meeting room at the Sequoia library was too small and it was difficult to get information and see the presentations. There will definitely be a larger space for future meetings.

The next public meeting is scheduled for Dec. 6 at the First Baptist Church, 518 N. Franklin Avenue at 6:30 pm. The meeting will start with a summary of key issues from the Oct. 13 meeting. It will focus on some of the redevelopment options in the plan area and provide information from data that Vandewalle had compiled from itís various focus groups. There will be small group discussions on some of that information.

The next Steering Committee meeting will be on Nov. 21 at the Sequoia Branch Library.

Linda Fahy, Secretary

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