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SVCA Meeting Minutes (May 2011)

Sunset Village Neighborhood Association Meeting - Sequoya Library

32 neighbor attendance.

1. Energy savings presentation by Paul from the City of Madison on a program from Green Madison.

This program is free and includes a home-visit from a consultant who comes to your house and gives energy saving advice and will take photos of thermal leakages in your house.

Sign in sheet and Chris will contact interested citizens.

2. Neighbor Tonya suggests that we all get data from MG&E to see energy usage, share that data with other neighbors and exchange steps that others have found have helped them save money on their energy bill.

See what changes have resulted in the biggest energy reduction/savings. Make charts and graphs and compare results, even with different contractors.

Connect via Yahoo listserve and provide info for newsletter.

3. Proposed neighborhood plant exchange. Find a place to put divided or dug up plants.

There is already a city-wide group that does this: Madisonplants@yahoogroups

The idea was proposed that people put plants at Lucia Crest Park shelter or Hoyt Park shelter. But the question was raised, “what if the shelter is rented?”

There was a neighbor who volunteered to talk to Friends of Hoyt Park at their meeting.

4. Discussion on traffic accidents and speeding on Midvale Blvd. particularly just north of Mineral Point.

Sara: third serious accident on Midvale. Starting to feel unsafe walking on Midvale. She has already had a meeting with traffic engineer and police department and city and asked them to evaluate the intersection at Mineral Point. One of the changes Chris Schmidt said is to continue the painted bike/parking lane from Midvale south of Mineral Point.

Other neighbors brought up other speeding issues in the neighborhood, specifically, Blackhawk Ave. going north people going too fast. People probably trying to use Blackhawk as a short cut to avoid traffic and so are incentivized to drive fast.

A resident talked about a time several years ago when a crossing guard was hit at the crosswalk on Midvale by the school.

At the block just north of the Midvale-Mineral Point intersection: two cars totaled, 6 people killed (past two years). People were asking why? Has anything about the road geometry or design that has changed that would cause this increase?

Chris Schimdt said, the road geometry has not changed nor has it gotten wider. Although when they did resurfacing work and construction, large oak trees and other large trees in the center strip were cut down, which gives the impression that the road is more open and wider and studies have shown that the wider the road, the faster people drive. In the past 5 to 10 years there have been more accidents… always around speeding… so I think this is an engineering problem.

To change the slope of the northbound lane on Midvale will take serious design work so do not expect any changes this year. Nor with changing the intersection.

People said there needs to be turn arrows in all directions at Midvale and Mineral Point intersection. Another person asked about the “Your Speed is” sign. Chris Schmidt said that, if you have too many they become ineffective at causing people to slow down, but he would look into it. Then Sara asked about a general caution sign to slow down that is permanent be placed at that hump in the road. Another person asked about street lighting, but Schmidt said the issue of more street lighting should be a part of the neighborhood plan and many people do not like excess or additional lighting.

Another person asked about police pursuits down Midvale, and Chris Schmidt said that police out of area do not know to not engage a pursuit in that stretch of road. And maybe ambulance and EMS from outside the neighborhood do not know about the road hump and curve and could be a future problem waiting to happen.

Sara asked if the city will issue a Special Assessment for neighbors affected by work done by city? Chris said sometimes that happens, and so Sara asked what can she do to make that happen and Chris said get letters of support from citizens and neighbors might help. Liz then said that an organization called will work with neighborhood associations to help. They are responsible for the flags at the crosswalks and help get the movable speed display signs.

Another citizen asked, what is the best way to get more police surveillance, to which Chris did not have a clear answer.

Jean then offered that the neighborhood plan can make suggestions on how to reduce people cutting through neighborhood on Owen, Hillcrest, Blackhawk etc.

5. City updates from Chris Schmidt.

University Ave. need repaving because the contractor used the wrong asphalt mix.

6. General request for a pedestrian assessment when crossing Midvale and University Ave, and to eliminate parking on Midvale near the intersection of Midvale and University Ave. and put in bike lane so that people can see easier.

7. There was discussion of Bike Safety, on Univeristy Ave. and on neighborhood streets like Owen Drive.

8. Senior group looking at Mount Olive, and potentially use that site to build senior living building. Meeting on the 18th.

9. Redistricting meeting at Cherokee School Thursday 12th at 6pm. Most neighborhood Associations left intact or cut in half – no little bits cut off.

10. Hoyt Park Area Joint Neighborhood Plan Update

Jean announced that we won the 50,000 grant from the city to complete a neighborhood plan. But we will still need to raise some funds (from businesses and other people or donors). Jean asked people to take the survey (online please) and visit the website.

Jean talked about the subcommittees:

People asked, what is the significance of having a neighborhood plan? Jean replied to help get desired development and prevent undesired development. Protect places of importance, like a park. Promote improvements. Create development outlines. Demographic inventory. To have a louder more unified voice so that the city will pay more attention to issues in our neighborhood such as accidents and speeding on Midvale.

Big meeting on Sept 12 Aug 8 plan on completion in Fall-Winter of 2012

Request for Proposals get sent out by City of Madison on July 1st.

Please feel free to participate at any level. Just providing ideas of ways to connect with groups is also terrific.

11. Announcement of a large garage sale.

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