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SVCA Meeting Minutes (May 2011)

Sunset Village Neighborhood Association Meeting - Sequoya Library

18 neighbor attendance

1. Jason Valerius talks about the neighborhood plan.

Called the “Hoyt Park Area Joint Neighborhood Plan” This plan will cover more land than just that occupied by Sunset Village Neighborhood, although the vast majority of the neighborhood plan is area is represented by Sunset Village. Other neighborhoods include Sunset Hills, the Condominiums on Midvale across from Hilldale, VanChaMasShe neighborhood, Radio Park neighborhood and all other areas unaffiliated with a neighborhood association in the area between University Ave. and Mineral Point and between Franklin and Midvale Blvd.

To pay for the creation of the plan, we will be applying for a grant offered by the City. The application for the City’s $50,000 grant is due February 11th.

We are going to create and distribute a survey prior to that, which will hopefully help in our application by showing Madison that we are being proactive and are already getting organized. The survey will be hand delivered door to door and will also be offered online. It will hopefully gather data on what issues are most important to residents in the planning area.

We are going to need a website for the plan.

We are also going to write and distribute door to door a flyer describing what a neighborhood plan is and why having one is useful; invite residents to get involved on the steering committee; provide contact info; and let people know that we will be sending out a survey soon.

Future meeting dates:

2. Chris Schmidt City Updates

Construction on University Ave delayed for six weeks because ATT didn’t get around to moving the fiber optic cables. Hopefully construction completed in November.

Regent St. Hill Farm Project starting in 2011

Minor repaving in Sunset Village

City Capital Budget coming out soon – there is lots of money in it for the downtown train station.

Overture Center is 28 million in debt. The city will take over care and maintenance, which is going to be about 1.4 million annually.

Property tax is going up around 5%.

Target scheduled to open in March 2011.

Hilldale Hole – it may go bankrupt? It may go up for sale?

3. Questions/comments for Chris

Traffic concerns at intersection of Midvale and University and Hilldale exits onto University and Midvale. And how are they going to deal with traffic with new Target coming? What about increase delivery truck traffic?

There is no bus service on Midvale. What can we do about that? We cannot get to the library on the bus.

4. Karen Johannsen from Johannsen’s talks about Fall clean up in your yard and prep for the winter.

Leaf raking time: plan on raking out to street when the scheduled pick is coming around, but not prior so that they do not get washed down into the sewers and out into the lakes resulting in more algae growth which is harmful to lake life, ugly and smelly. Even BETTER than raking leaves is to simply mow them and leave them to decompose – adding nutrients to your soil and yard.

In the last mow of the season mow very short. In the summer mow longer.

Cut back perennials and prune trees in late Oct. and Nov. not too early though. Wait until the plant goes dormant

Do not cut back in the fall. Fall mulching is great to protect your plants. Use discarded x-mas trees or 6-8 inches of straw. Do NOT do fall mulching with grass clippings or leaves because they can get matted and smother your plants.

If you want to add fertilizer to your soil in the fall – a common fertilizer to use is 25-0-5, which is a ratio of the relative amount of Nitrogen (N), Phosphorous (P), and Potassium (K)

What about those dang chipmunks? – Garlic and cayenne can deter them. Or you can use live traps, but then what do you do? Or you use rat traps. And peanut butter is a good bait.

Rain gardens – are beautiful and have a diverse ways of designing. They catch the rain and suck up the rain instead of letting it run off your lawn and into the gutter. The plants that you choose are good at sucking up water, and have “wet feet.” If you have standing water more than a few days after a hard rain, then you need more plants or different plants – but it should never have permanent standing water.

Lastly – Karen said that if you value local businesses and what they offer to the local economy and the extra effort they take to connect with customers as opposed to big box stores – then come buy plants and landscaping supplies from Johannsen’s instead of Home Depot, etc. Johanssen’s can not compete with them on having the lowest price – but Karen says that she guarantees that the product will always be better and the money spent at her store will circulate back to Madison – when it will not at a big box store.

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