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SVCA Meeting Minutes (May 2010)

Sunset Village Neighborhood Association Meeting - Sequoya Library


Treasury Report - Brian

balance 2,750

~250 printing offset by ~250 advertising

100 ice cream social -

Sunday Aug 15 Ice cream social with sponsors

Garage sale July 30/31st

Hill Farm Pool City swim meet

Membership drive - fall newsletter.

Blair Wilcox - Green Team

Survey respondent - idea to kick start. Give presentation on: Energy efficiency give presentation (1hr) recycling, carpooling transit water mgmt

Comment - solar

C. energy

C. - yahoo. Separate meeting?

Blair set date and put in newsletter

Web site

Brad Nording, ex web master

Possibly the host site changed.

Community Garden -

Past interest, about garden and ice rink

Survey to add to newsletter, online survey possibility

Chris Schmidt - City Alderperson (District 11)


Ridge and Univeristy

Left turn on University at Hill Street

Prevent left turns from la brioche

Target construction starts soon opening March or July 2011

Proposal - work force housing next to target. 90 apartments w/ parking at segoe and university.

Owen and blank street signal comes in.

Kendall to regent and west bike route improvement - possible bike blvard

Greenway - common council passed - construction starts fall/October

Zoning rewrite

Neighborhood Plan

Partner with another community/neighborhood and write grant together /work together.

Cost 40-50 K.

Issues- traffic and stormwater mgmt

Sunset village and neighborhoods east to franklin to work together

Sunset hill already have grant to work on plan.

More worried about getting support and garnering commitment and less about $$$

Consultant with grant. Help lead and organize.

Q What does it mean to volunteer?

Chair and vice-chair. Treasure. --6 -12 volunteers is important to have ‘enough’ members so that if someone has to miss then that is okay. Hold 6-20 meetings. Together and w/ city staff.

Q Boiler plate plan? A- based on comp plan

Q would our neigh plan trump city comp plan? No, only can refine. Go into more detail.

Q how to fund remaining $$ A talk to banks and buz. Can supply $

Q has city been adopting neigh plan as a part of comp plan? City adopts as a part of more general city comp plan.

Inconsistencies with old plan and comp plan but comp plan has more authority.

Public hearing is only step to amend comp plan and in theory can ok to specific site project.

Q timetable? A Oct show prove to city that there is interest pass budget in November could possibly get all $ from city. To show interest: form planning-committee that gets familiar with holding meetings and grants. Must lay groundwork to show that we are serious. Jule Stroik. Or Ben... from city can help educate us to get started.

Q small group first then big group or big group then small group? A joint steering committee. Houses different, but concerns the same.

Email Janice if interested. And Janice will put something on yahoo group.

Q Contact URPL have students work or participate? Assist?

Vansmanshie, Arlington Heights, Sunset Hills, Bluff

Gene former alder- can write off against grant if team members are "professional"

Higher density issues and concerns.

How beneficial is newsletter?

Post stuff from email from Jule. On yahoo group

Email version of newsletter, but at least once for new homes. Also to stay legal active neigh assoc must at least deliver to all homes at least once (maybe?)

Advertise on website.

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