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SVCA Meeting Minutes (Jul 2008)

Capital City Community Church

18 people attended: Mary Allen, Brian Anderson, Carl Baumann, Kristine Beck, Bob Castrova, Ulrike Dieterle, Linda Fahy, Marge LaBrosse, Darren Olson, John Ottinger, Kathleen Perry, Sean Perry, Kurt Reinhold, Liz Ringle, Abby Tagne, Liz Vowles, Chic Young, Steven Zahn-Cantelmo

There was a potluck/cookout before the start of the meeting.

Co-President Steve Zahn-Cantelmo called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.

Dates are Friday & Saturday, August 1 & 2. Kurt Reinhold is overseeing. He will place ads for the sale in the State Journal and Isthmus. The most recent issue of the newsletter asked people who want to participate to contact Kurt with their address, sale hours, and a general description of their items. Capital City Church parking lot will be available for people who do not want to sell at their own homes.

Date is August 10. Chocolate Shoppe will donate three 3-gallon containers of ice cream. The Great Dane Brewpub will donate a half-barrel of beer. Metcalfe’s Sentry will contribute brats, burgers, and veggie burgers. We will make signs thanking all donors and will take photos that the vendors can put up in their stores.

SVCA is a member of the One-A-Week club at the American Red Cross. Our goal is 52 pints/year. Everyone who donates should make sure to sign the book under SVCA. The book is kept near the donor refreshment area.

Pastor Bob Castrova said the Cap City Church is considering establishing a pre-school for 2-5 year olds. The plan is for a maximum of 25 students; the school day would run from 7:50 am until 3:30. One teacher has signed up already and Pastor Bob is talking with 2 more teachers. The school will be required to have a fenced-in playground. Bob wants to get the approval of the neighborhood before proceeding. Neighborhood members expressed concerns about noise and how the school may affect property values.

Residents on several streets in the neighborhood are having trouble parking on the street during the day. This is happening because people will park in our area and then take the bus to campus or downtown. Residents on some streets have been able to gather signatures to successfully petition the city to declare permit parking only. As a result, the parking problems are simply moving around the area. There is no comprehensive solution yet.

Kathleen Perry suggested exploring a park & ride for to concentrate cars on one area. The DOT parking area is a possibilitly. Liz Ringle suggested forming a committee to address the issue neighborhood-wide instead of doing it piecemeal and proposed getting a city parking representative to come to a neighborhood meeting.

Steve will ask Alder Gruber about the status of the post office on Sawyer Terrace. The lease is apparently running out and we do not know if the branch is moving, and if so, where.

Brian reports that the current balance in our account is $1906. There are a few outstanding deposits. Liz Ringle is owed $220 for newsletter costs. We also need to pay for the post office box.

Re raising funds: we will attach envelopes to the next newsletter to encourage residents to pay membership fees. This is generally quite successful. The Bucky Book fundraiser was on balance probably not worth the effort.

We need to plan lead time for the newsletter to enable carriers to have 2 weekends for distribution in advance of any big event that we want people to know about. We need to have content and a distribution date to Liz by the end of August.

We are shooting for mid-September, possibly Sept. 16. We want to invite Alder Tim Gruber and Supervisor Al Matano.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:00 pm.

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