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SVCA Meeting Minutes (March 2008)

Capital City Community Church 6:30 pm

20 people attended: Brian Anderson, Carl Baumann, Kristine Beck, Leanne Bergstrom, Bob Castrova, Linda Fahy, A.M. Fuller, Marylon McBride, Jean MacCubbin, Juana Morton, Kathleen Perry, Sean Perry, Mike Pomraning, Holly Pomraning, Kurt Reinhold, Liz Ringle, Liz Vowles, Nick Weaver, Chic Young, Steve Zahn-Cantelmo.

Co-President Mike Pomraning opened the meeting at 6:40 pm. Everyone attending was introduced.

Brian Anderson reported a treasury balance of $1918. Thanks to Liz Ringle for getting comparative quotes on newsletter costs and negotiating a better price for future printing.

Two officer positions needed to be filled at this meetings since their terms are expiring: co-president Mike Pomraning and secretary Linda Fahy. Steve Zahn-Cantelmo and Brian Anderson have a year remaining as co-president and treasurer. Two people volunteered. Kathleen Perry will serve as co-president and Kristine Beck will become secretary.

Traffic Calming- The city is still looking for ways to reduce speeding problems along Blackhawk Ave. Speed bumps are no longer an option because of the bus route along Blackhawk. A survey has been sent out to a portion of the neighborhood for opinions about installing 2 or 3 traffic islands instead. Discussion followed with some concerns expressed about reduced parking spaces and snow removal difficulties for homes located near the islands. Liz Ringle suggested having a meeting for all concerned homeowners along Blackhawk.
Earth Day- SVCA has nothing planned. Friends of Hoyt Park will meet on April 19 for a clean up day.
Newsletter: Liz Ringle is still temporary editor. Linda Fahy and Marylon McBride will help organize anddistribute packets to each neighborhood carrier
Ice Cream Social: Brian Anderson will be in charge of food.
Yard Sale: Kurt Reinhold will help.

There was a brief discussion on the "Slow Down" campaign and the Safe Committee Coalition which helps senior citizens. Some "slow down" signs are available if anyone wants one for their yard. Jean MacCubbin reported on the Sequoia Library. Money goal has been reached, but work has slowed because of condo-selling problems. Finished date will probably be pushed to late fall.

Our next meeting will be Tuesday May 13, 2008. Meeting was adjourned at 7:25.

Linda Fahy, Secretary

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