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SVCA Meeting Minutes (November 2007)

Capital City Community Church 6:30 pm

13 people attended: Brian Anderson, Carl Baumann, Bob Castrova, Linda Fahy, Beth & Carl Frederick, SteveIngham, John Ottinger, Mike Pomraning, Ben Ringle, Liz Vowles, Chic Young, Steve Zahn-Cantelmo.

Co-President Steve Zahn-Cantelmo opened the meeting at 7:05.
All officers and people attending meeting were introduced. Steve Ingham announced his candidacy for district 11 Board Supervisor and discussed why he was running.

Brian Anderson reported that our current treasury balance is $2054.76. Most of our yearly costs go for the production of the quarterly newsletter. Discussion followed about newsletter ads, it’s pricing structure and the need for more local advertising. Expenses have been minimal for social events such as ice cream social and Halloween Parade. Brian is comparing printing costs at Kinkos, Quad Graphics, and other printers looking for a better rate. Steve brought Bucky Books. We have 45 books remaining and they are good to use in selling the annual memberships. Discussion followed about the membership directory and whether it is necessary to continue a printed version. This should be put on agenda for further discussion at next meeting.

The Halloween Parade At Sunset Village Park was a success and lots of families attended. Volunteers are still needed to help with the Santa Visit in Dec. and we need to find someone to be Santa. Discussion followed about changing date and location. Newsletter had incorrectly listed Sun. Dec 3. Pastor Bob said Blackhawk Church could be used if the Santa Visit was Saturday Dec. 1. Everyone agreed on Sat. Dec. 1 at Blackhawk.

Traffic Calming-The city is looking at ways to reduce traffic problems along Blackhawk Ave. 2 proposals are to add either speed bumps or traffic islands. Much discussion followed on how this would affect the neighbor-hood. No decision has been made and impute is needed. Linda Fahy volunteered to be contact/liaison for information gathering on this issue. Neighborhood Round Table- Liz Ringle and Steve Zahn-Cantelmo attended the mayor’s roundtable onneighborhood issues. Steve announced that the city has grants available for neighborhood associations if theyneed financial assistance with specific projects. One idea is to construct a neighborhood tool shed where community members can share tools and large items. He urged everyone to be more involved. Ideas should beincluded in the newsletter.

Ben Ringle brought information packets for anyone interested in being a Block Captains for Neighborhood Watch. Our area is considered safe as we have minimal crime and graffiti problems. Liz Ringle is doing the newsletter until we can find a permanent editor. She would like further discussion on advertising rates as well as newsletter distribution.

Our next meeting will be Tuesday Feb. 2, 2008. Meeting was adjourned at 7:25.

Linda Fahy, Secretary
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