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SVCA Meeting Minutes (August 2007)

Capital City Community Church 7:00 pm

18 people attended: Brian Anderson, Carl Baumann, Lucas Ball, Leanne Bergstrom, Bob Castrova, Linda Fahy, A.M. Fuller, Lori Hickman, Laura Hogan, Curtis Liposcak, Kathryn Maloney, John Ottinger, Mike Pomraning, Marshall & Abby Tague, Dan Tyler, Chic Young, Steve Zahn-Cantelmo.

Mike Pomraning opened the meeting at 7:05 and officers and attendees were introduced.

A.) Ice Cream Social. 1pm Sat. Aug. 18. at Lucia Crest Park. Kathryn Maloney gave a report and asked for volunteers to help set up and organize food starting at noon. Local businesses are helping with donations: Ace Hardware/grill, Chocolate Shoppe/ice cream, Great Dane/beer. We?ll also have brats and burgers. Curt Liposcak volunteered to bring his vintage 1956 English fire engine for the kids to see. Marshall Tague volunteered to help set up.
B.) Yard Sale. Bob Castrova has put an ad in paper and will make fliers. He?s arranged for the Salvation Army to come to the church parking lot late Saturday evening and pick up unsold items.
C.) Halloween Parade: Saturday Oct. 27. Lucas Ball and Lori Hickman will chair this event.

John Ottinger has announced he would like to step down as publisher of the SVCA Newsletter which he has worked on for the past 3 years. Mike thanked him for his good work and asked everyone to spread the word that we need a replacement.

Kathryn Maloney reported that the SVCA library pledge cards included in the May newsletter raised about $10,500 for the library fund. So far, we are keeping pace with Nakoma, Hillfarms and Westmorland. TREASURY REPORT:Brian Anderson reported that we received a $960 reimbursement from the city for our neighborhood sign. The total balance in treasury is $2419. We?ll repeat our membership drive with the Bucky Book later this fall.

A.) Olbrecht Gardens- Community meeting at Olbrecht on Aug. 20th to discuss future garden needs.
B) Wine Boutique: A proposed new wine boutique at Hilldale will apply for a liquor license next week.
C.) Curtis Liposcak presented a proposal to move his lot line at 503 Eugenia Ave.

Mike paused the meeting at 7:40 for a coffee/cookies break. Meeting reconvened at 7:55 for further discussion on the lot realignment and the liquor license application. Mike requested a yea/nay vote and there were no objections to either project

1) Neighborhood Crime- There was much discussion about the ?frozen rabbit? caper. There have been 2 separate reports about a frozen dead rabbit being tossed through a homeowner?s window. The only other incident involved a car that was deliberately set on fire at Baglery Parkway.
2.) Chic Young gave an update on the potential cable bill that is pending before the state legislature.
3.) Mike Pomraning is in the process of buying a domain name for our organization. He will use and we can use it for our web site and all internet SVCA business. He?ll work with Brad Nordeng who manages our web site.

There was no further discussion and the meeting adjourned at 8:15. The next meeting is Nov. 13 at 7pm.

Linda Fahy, Secretary.

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