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SVCA Meeting Minutes (May 2007)

Capital City Community Church 7:00 pm

30 people attended: Brian Anderson, Carl Baumann, Colin & Stacy Benedict, Robert Castrova, Pam Culviner, Mike Dieterle, Nancy & Bob Dott, Linda Fahy, Marilyn Fisher, A.M. Fuller, Tim Gruber, Jean MacCubbin, Kathryn Maloney, Stephen Mikesell, Darren Olson, John Ottinger, Diane Peltin, Fran & Ross Potter, Kate Presswood, Mike Pomraning, Cindy Schuen, Sandra Saul, Liz Ringle, Liz Vowles, Sandy Weber, Chic Young, Steve Zahn-Cantelmo.

The meeting was called to order by co-president Steve Zahn-Cantelmo at 7:10pm.

Kathryn Maloney presented a fundraising update for the new Sequoia library that is being built in phase one of the Midvale Plaza redevelopment. The interior of this structure will be funded through private donations and fundraising efforts from several neighborhood organizations, including SVCA, Shorewood and Nakoma. A discussion followed with an exchange of ideas for possible fundraising events. Ideas included 1) selling tickets for a fundraiser at the Great Dane. 2) expanding the ice cream social to make it a fundraising event. 3) distributing donation cups around many of the businesses in the area. Mike Pomraning moved that we form an August picnic subcommittee for help with fundraising. Seconded by several people. Motion carried by voice vote. Steve and Kathryn Maloney will head up the committee.

Adam Fink from Joseph Freed & Associates gave an overview of their plans to construct a 12-story hotel in the loading dock area at the Hilldale mall. The presentation was followed by a long Q&A session. Main areas of concern centered around having enough parking for shoppers as opposed to hotel guests and condo residents, increased car traffic but an inadequate traffic plan, and lack of security in the new parking garages. There were also questions about the post office branch at Hilldale since its lease will expire in 2009. People expressed concern that there was not adequate space for it in the Hilldale redevelopment plan. Jean MacCubbin asked Adam to urge Freed management to work with the post office now and obtain a new space or a lease extension since the Hillfarms area will probably compete with us for a new post office location. After further discussion, Mike paused the meeting for a 15 minute coffee and refreshments break.

There was discussion about continuing vandalism in the neighborhood near Lucia Crest park. Two garage doors and some playground equipment had been spray painted. The city park crews have repainted the slide to remove the graffiti. Check the city’s web page to find appropriate phone number for reporting graffiti.

1. Mike will finalize dates for our summer yard sale and ice cream social next week.
2. Chic Young spoke about confusion over state cable regulation and pending state legislation. Email him with questions or comments.
3. Neighbors are still calling with concerns about traffic confusion at the intersection of Bluff & Blackhawk. Tim Gruber will recheck with the city dept. of Traffic and Engineering about new signage. There might be a need for a sub committee in regard to traffic calming on Blackhawk.
4. The newsletter will be out the first week of August.

The meeting was adjourned by co-president Mike Pomraning at 8:45pm.
Linda Fahy, Secretary

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