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SVCA Meeting Minutes (Feb 2007)

Capital City Community Church 7:00 pm

16 people attended: Carl Baumann, Lucas Ball, Leanne Bergstrom, Kate Blumenthal, Robert Castrova, Mike Dieterle, Ulrike Dieterle, Linda Fahy, A.M. Fuller, Lori Hickman, Jerry Landian, Kathryn Maloney, John Ottinger, Mike Pomraning, Liz Vowles, Steve Zahn-Cantelmo.
The meeting was called to order by co-president Mike Pomraning at 7:10pm. Everyone present was introduced and Mike thanked Pastor Bob for letting us use the church for meetings.

Kate Blumenthal gave a report on the Clean Energy Coalition here in Madison and encouraged SVCA to join the group. As a member the village would have an opportunity to sign petitions and lobby for improvements in pollution control. We would also be the first community association to become a member. After further discussion, Kate made a motion for SVCA to join the Clean Air Coalition. The motion was seconded by John Ottinger and passed unanimously.

Muramoto Sushi restaurant will be opening in one of the new exterior retail spaces at Hilldale and has applied for a liquor license. There was some discussion on the continuing expansion at Hilldale. Main areas of concern were the possible addition of a hotel, traffic congestion, and the post office moving from it’s current location.

No action or votes have been taken as everything still in the planning stages. May 10 set for next meeting.

Several people reported on the last Hill Farms DOT redevelopment meeting.
1) The entire section of land at the DOT will be redeveloped.
2) Nothing is finalized, and the meetings are for sharing ideas.
3)There will be no retail shops other than small stores that would support the upper level businesses- coffee shops, etc.
4) There will probably be a parking structure, not an outside parking lot.

Kathryn Maloney reported: The Capital Campaign Committee is responsible for raising 1 million dollars for the 20,000 sq. ft. library expansion. $500,000 has been raised so far thanks mainly to corporate donations. Tentative completion will be in 2008. SVCA also needs to contribute. Westmoreland and Midvale Heights associations have promised $10,000 each. We have some money left from our second sign fund and the Great Dane has indicated some interest in helping us fundraise. We need to revisit this issue.

1. Some of the red pedestrian telescoping flags are available at back of room. Take home and try.
2. Santa Visit was successful last year, but we still need a new coordinator for next year’s event.
3. Jill Urso has been appointed our new contact police officer and will attend future SVCA meetings.
4. The Jan. Red Cross Blood Drive here at Cap City raised 10 pints. Ulrike Dieterle volunteered to serve as coordinator since Liz Ringle had to step down.

Ice Cream Social: Kathryn Maloney is in charge of ice cream. Lori Hickman will do food.
Yard Sale: Pastor Bob will coordinate signs and flyers.
Halloween: Lucas Ball and Lori Hickman are coordinators.
SVCA Sign landscaping: we still need volunteers.
SVCA Directory: Kate Blumenthal will help with this project.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:25.
Linda Fahy, Secretary

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