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SVCA Meeting Minutes (Nov 2006)

Capital City Community Church 7:00 pm

14 people attended: Carl Baumann, Kate Blumenthal, Robert Castrova, Jennifer Dobson, Nola DuPuis, Linda Fahy, A.M. Fuller, J. Morton, John Ottinger, Mike Pomraning, Liz Ringle, Al Seeger, Chic Young and Steve Zahn-Cantelmo.

The meeting was called to order at 7:00pm and John Ottinger introduced the evening?s guest speaker, Mary Ann Thurber. Mary Ann, a veteran police officer with the Madison Police Department, spoke on safety issues, crime prevention, and the Neighborhood Watch Program. After questions and a break for refreshment, the business portion of the meeting began at 8:10.

Liz Ringle is stepping down from the office of co-president. Mike Pomraning presented her with flowers and thanked her for much hard work the past 2 years.

Mike Pomraning asked for volunteers to fill the current officer positions. The following people were nominated and elected for terms that begin with the Feb. ?07 meeting:
Steven Zahn-Cantelmo - co-president with Mike Pomraning.
Brian Anderson- treasurer replacing Kate Blumenthal.
Linda Fahy- remaining as secretary.

Kate?s report shows that funds on hand at 10/31/06 were $1609.62. 38 Bucky Books were sold and there are approximately 65 SVCA members. Total donations to the Lucia Crest Fund at 10/31 were $1879.27 Kate will work with Brian Anderson as they transition the office.

SVCA asked for help with some of these ongoing events:
1. Santa Visit at Lucia Crest Park- Liz Ringle will assist
2. Advertising Lead or contact person to help obtain more newsletter ads- Kate Blumenthal will help.
3. Hilldale, distribute newsletters to businesses in the mall- Linda Fahy volunteered
4. Hillfarm DOT rehab meeting representative- Chic Young volunteered.
5. Sequoia Library Redevelopment Plan meetings (need a SVCA rep) Kate Blumenthal/Linda Fahy will share.

Flemings Restaurant, The Great Dane and the Sundance Theater have all applied for a liquor license. Plans for the next stage of Hilldale, including Whole Foods and Condos, will be presented to the Urban Design Comm. later this week. Sundance Theater has a tentative opening date of late March. SVCA received city approval for putting the pedestrian-friendly red flags at intersections of Blackhawk/Bluff and Mineral Pt/Owen Drive. There will be a local Blood Drive at Capital City Church on Sat. Jan. 6

The city is in the process of forming a West Side Plan Council which would coordinate the west side alders and neighborhood organization presidents. Goal is to establish a cohesive voice for west side issues. SVCA will vote on joining and some funding will be requested. Steve Zahn-Cantelmo spoke positively of this as a plus for our organization.

The meeting was adjourned by Mike Pomraning at 9pm. Next meeting is Feb. 13, 2007.

Linda Fahy, Secretary

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