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SVCA Meeting Minutes (August 2006)

Capital City Community Church 7:00pm

30 people attended: Brian & Jill Andersen, Carl Baumann, Leanne Bergstrom, Kate Blumenthal, Michael Dieterle, Linda Fahy, Beth & Carl Fredereick, Laura Hogan, Beth Fujinuma, Irene Immerfall, Marg LaBrosse, Ruth & Fritz Lutz, Laura Moberly, J. Morton, Jean MacCubbin, John Ottinger, Fran & Ross Potter, Mike & Holly Pomraning, Liz Ringle, Al Seeger, Mary Lee Schroeder, Lynn Van Ellis, Stacey Vilas, Liz Vowles, and Chic Young.

The meeting was called to order at 7:10 by new co-president Mike Pomraning. Mike welcomed everyone and thanked Pastor Bob Castrova and his wife for hosting the meeting and providing refreshments. He thanked John Ottinger for his good work as newsletter editor and acknowledged the help of 15 newsletter carriers who have distributed the Sunset Village Voice for the past several years.

Kate Blumenthal gave a detailed SVCA treasury report (see attached). There?s currently $2200 in the bank and after expenses come in, we should still be in the black. Kate?s putting together a budget for next fiscal year.

Stacey Vilas from the Safe Communities Coalition on Pedestrian Safety spoke on pedestrian traffic problems in the neighborhoods and showed a short video on safety/driving rules. After the presentation and a Q&A session, there was a 15 minute refreshment break.

1. The Ice Cream Social is Sat. Aug.19, 1 pm at Lucia Crest Park. Brian Anderson is in charge of food and drinks. Ice cream, brats and veggie burgers are available thanks to help from Chocolate Shoppe and Sentry. Great Dane is donating 2 kegs of beer.
2. SVCA Yard Sale is Fri/Sat. Aug. 25&26. Linda Fahy is chairperson. Ads have been placed in the Cap. Times, Journal and local church bulletins. Flyers and maps will be distributed. Liz Ringle will put out the sandwich boards.
3. Halloween Parade is Oct. 29, 3 pm at Sunset Park. Sentry will donate apples and cider. Jill Anderson has volunteered to help with this event.

The city began installing the new play equipment this week and hopes to have it finished by Friday. They have added some sand for a volleyball area as well. There was a lengthy discussion about problems in the park with teens throwing rocks and disturbances after the 10 pm closing. Liz Ringle noted that a committee was formed to address some of these concerns, but it never met. There needs to be a followup on this issue because of the continuing complaints.

SVCA Sign:
Openwood Studios has finished the Sunset Village sign and installation date is set for Sept. 9 at 10 am. The location is next to Fire Station #9 at the NE corner of Midvale and Regent. Mike will handle the logistics of getting the sign delivered. Plantings will be done later. Jean MacCubbin suggested we ask the city to drop off mulch to use for the plantings.

1.The new Flemings Bar & Grill at University/Midvale has applied for a liquor license.
2.The city is reminding everyone to put their recycling carts out correctly and review the rules for winter. Please check the ?Madison Cart Chronicles? for correct information on placement, pet waste, etc.
3. Neighbors are still complaining about speeders throughout Sunset Village.
4. If concerned about manganese in your water, the city?s sent flyers to communities affected by this problem.

John Ottinger discussed the newsletter and encouraged others to try and sell some ads. Smaller businesses might be interested and the cost is only $20 for a small ad. Because of better pricing, we?ve switched to Printex for the newsletter printing printing.

Jean MacCubbin reported on the Library Capital Campaign which will spearhead fundraising for enlargement of the Sequoia branch library. Their committee plan is to include 12 different neighborhood associations who will be involved in the fundraising process with a goal of raising 100 thousand dollars.

Liz Ringle explained that an article about the recent city street car forum didn?t make the newsletter this time. Due to some software difficulties it was omitted. However, Liz stressed that this issue is crucial to our area since Hilldale would probably be the end stop for a commuter route. Increased traffic flow from people leaving their cars at or around the Hilldale mall could be a major issue. SVCA needs to take a lead on this potential need for a park & ride structure or area. Do we need a separate committee for this issue??

1. Aug.19 Neighborhood Meeting update on Hilldale project. Westside Sr. Center 10 am
2. Nov. 11 Neighborhood Conference at the Monona Terrace. Time TBD.
3. Nov.14 SVCA meeting 7 pm.

Read the latest newsletter for details on joining the SVCA. This is first year where the Bucky Book is included as an option when joining.

The meeting was adjourned by co-presidents Mike and Liz at 9:15 pm.

Linda Fahy, Secretary

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