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SVCA Meeting Minutes (May 2006)

Sequoya Branch Library 7:00- 8:30 p.m.

15 people attended: Brian Andersen, Carl Baumann, Nola DuPuis, Linda Fahy, A.M. Fuller, Julie Graf, Jean MacCubbin, Paul Nast, Mike & Holly Pomraning, Melanie Ramey, Liz Ringle, Al Seeger, Marsha Silk, Liz Vowles

The meeting was called to order by co-president Liz Ringle and guest speakers were introduced. Sharon Persich and Colin Conn from the Metro Transit planning department explained the proposed bus route changes for our neighborhood. A brief question and answer session followed their presentation. The business meeting began at 7:35. Liz Ringle announced that we were losing our co-president Julie Horst because she was moving out of the neighborhood and Mike Pomraning volunteered to fill her position. Thanks to Julie for all her work this past year and welcome to Mike.

1. Printed copies of the SVCA directory are now available. Thanks to Kathryn Maloney who was responsible for organizing this project
2. The Madison Police Department is planning a presentation about neighborhood safety June 6, 7pm at the Sequoya Branch Library. This is for the general public, not just SVCA.
3. The Neighborhood Weed Walk is Wed. May 24. Meet at Lucia Crest park at 7pm.
4. SVCA would like to host an American Red Cross One-A-Week blood donor club. Our organization will agree to donate 52 total pints of blood in one calendar year. An information sheet and survey is available for everyone to read and then return to Liz.
5. In June the Sunset Village neighborhood will join It?s a first-of-its-kind web site that allows neighborhood residents to easily connect with one another using a neighborhood kiosk hosted on the Internet. Liz explained some of the details and passed out an information flyer.

Dates have been confirmed for the following events. Volunteers are still needed to help organizeeach activity.
Sat. Aug. 19- Ice Cream Social at Lucia Crest Park.
Fri/Sat. Aug. 25&26- SVCA Yard Sale. Linda Fahy will chair this event.
Sun. Oct. 29- Halloween Parade at Sunset Park.
Sun. Dec. 3- Santa Visit at Sunset Park

1. The park has recently experienced more vandalism. There?s been an increase in graffiti and two baby swings have been broken. Please attend the police safety meeting in June for more information.
2. Brian Anderson gave an update on improvement plans for the park. Although most of the cost will be covered by a donation from Hilldale Mall (Joseph Freed & Associates) and the city of Madison, Sunset Village needs to raise some funds to demonstrate its support of the project. We have set a fundraising goal of $3000 which needs to be in by June 15. Checks should be made out to SVCA with a note in corner that it is for the Lucia Crest Park project. Brian showed a sketch of a new play structure for the children's area. Other proposed improvements include a sand volleyball court and a kid's spinning ride.

Sunset Village Sign: As soon as final drawings are approved our sign can be installed at the firehouse. Liz Vowles and Peggy Ottinger designed the landscaping. Mike Pomraning volunteered to meet with Bernadette and Julie to finalize details of the city grant and the SVCA costs. We just received a $100 donation for the landscaping plants.

MIDVALE PLAZA: See drawings of the proposed redevelopment here at library or check web site for more info.

HILLFARMS: Jean MacCubbin recently attended a meeting to discuss future development of the DOT and Red Cross buildings area. These buildings are older and the area is underdeveloped. The city wants to hear your ideas on what additions would be appropriate for the neighborhood (condominiums, hotel, etc.). Jean encouraged everyone to stay involved and attend future meetings so their concerns and ideas for the neighborhood will be heard

1. Parking: There was much discussion about parking issues along Lucia Crest, Blackhawk and other streets close to University Avenue. Neighbors are unhappy that commuters are leaving cars there when they take the bus to work. There have been many requests for a park-and-ride at Hilldale and 2 hour parking restrictions along Blackhawk. SVCA used to have a ?traffic & safety? committee which has become inactive. Due to the many traffic questions it might be helpful to restart this committee. Please contact Liz if you could be chairperson.
2. Dog Abuses: There?s still many complaints about dogs in Lucia Crest Park. Too many dog owners do not follow the park?s dog walking hours and neighbors also complain that the city Animal Control Division does not respond when called. Alder Tim Gruber has received some requests to extend the hours because dog owners feel the current hours are unreasonable. Liz has also received calls from dog owners who want to take their dogs to the park outside the mandated hours or have a separate exercise area for their pets.
3. Garlic Mustard: Check the handout about weeds and garlic mustard. The city is concerned about the spread of this invasive plant. Pull and put plants in black glad bags and keep in sun. The heat will kill seeds.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:50. The next SVCA meeting is Tuesday, Aug. 15.

Linda Fahy, Secretary

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