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SVCA Meeting Minutes (Feb 2006)

Sequoya Branch Library 7:00- 8:30 p.m.

16 people attended: Brian Andersen, Carl Baumann, Leanne Bergstrom, Kate Blumenthal, Ulrike Dieterle, Paul Dreifus, Linda Fahy, Laura Hogan, Julie Horst, Irene Immerfall, Stephen Mikesell, Janet Murphy, John Ottinger, Liz Ringle, Liz Vowles, Chic Young

The meeting was called to order by co- president Julie Horst. Julie asked John Ottinger to introduce Steven Mikesell who was guest speaker for the evening. Steven, an anthropologist and energy conservation enthusiast, spoke on ?Energy Futures in Suburban America?. After Steven?s talk, Julie introduced the agenda and the official meeting began at 7:40.

Officers and everyone attending the meeting introduced themselves with name and address.

1. There was discussion about the sale of the Hoyt School building since it?s been used for community meetings and people are concerned about an adequate replacement. Complaints should be emailed to the city.
2. John Ottinger asked for a discussion of our newsletter advertising policy. Do we want to start including ads because it will add more pages to the newsletter. If ads are included, then rules need to be defined such as ad sizes, costs, and which companies and causes are appropriate for the Sunset Village area. After further discussion everyone agreed the topic needs a broader discussion at a separate meeting.

Julie asked each current officer to define her office and the responsibilities required. She and Liz Ringle encouraged everyone to consider volunteering for an officer position at the next election. Most of the current officers would not be able to run for another term at the end of their service in 2007.

Lucia Crest Park has been chosen by the city to receive funds for new play equipment this year. The park has not been improved for years and many of the current playground items are broken and not up to code. A committee consisting of Brian Anderson, Ben Ringle and Marie Nordeng have been working to finalize ideas on how best to spend the money. New swings, improved basketball court, and new barbecue grills were some suggestions. Brian Anderson, representing the committee, asked SVCA to give approval to their proposal which will be presented to the city architect this spring. Julie moved we approve the committee?s plan for improving Lucia Crest Park. Irene Immerfall seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.

Successful events this past year were: Garage Sale, Ice Cream Social, Halloween Party, Santa Visit, and the Mayor Dave Walk. Ideas for additions to 2006 are: plant exchange, neighborhood potluck, Memorial Day Brat Fest and a garden walk. We must finalize dates immediately! Volunteers needed to head up each event. The newsletter comes out in April and it should contain an organized list of activities that are planned.

A reminder that the membership list is now on line. Contact Brad Nordeng or Kathryn Maloney for password. Think of ways on spending our extra funds, such as more speakers, donations to our parks, etc.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:50. Next SVCA meeting is May 16.

Linda Fahy, Secretary

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