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SVCA Meeting Minutes (Nov 2005)

Sequoya Branch Library 6:30- 8:30 pm

22 people attended: Carl Baumann, Laurie Bibo, Kate Blumenthal, Mary Bowman, Lenore Coberly, Ulrike Dieterle, Linda Fahy, Julie Grat, Tim Gruber, Deborah Helman, Julie Horst, Ian and Irene Immerfall, Kathryn Maloney, Jean MacCubbin, Janet Murphy, Nancy Murphy, Ben Ringle, Al Seeger, Marsha Silk, Tom Syring, Chic Young

The meeting was called to order by co- president Julie Horst. Julie introduced Bob Fink from Joseph Freed & Associates who made a presentation on future Hilldale Mall development. Topics from his talk included the new 6-screen Sundance Theater to be built at the south end of the mall and the remodeling of all the interior corridors of the mall starting in late January. Questions after the presentation focused on parking concerns, enough bicycle spaces, the possibility of having space for a future park&ride, and the mix of retail stores coming into the mall. The presentation ended at 7:05 and Julie Horst introduced an agenda for the rest of the evening. Minutes from the August meeting were distributed as well as a sign-in sheet.

1. Kathryn Maloney/Santa Visit. Date is Sat. Dec. 3 from 12:45-2pm at Lucia Crest Park. Santa will arrive at 1:00. Cookies & drinks will be available. Please bring your kids and check web site for any changes.
2. Kate Blumenthal/EnAct Group. Kate described this environmental program. Check current newsletter for details and contact Kate if interested.
3. Kate Blumenthal/Treasurer. Total income for this quarter was $6726.21. Expenses were $555.78. Final net income is $6179.43
4. Membership Drive. The 2005-06 drive raised $2175.00 and we have 174 members. The on-line directory is now ready. Go to our Yahoo Page under files. Those members wanting to participate will receive a password or you can e-mail or call for a printed copy.
5. SVCA Sign. Our first sign should be finished and put up by early spring, probably at the fire station location. We are still finalizing details for location of the second sign.
6. Newsletter. Several people at meeting complimented John Ottinger and the good job he does designing our newsletter. Thanks John, for your excellent work!
7. Neighborhood Round Table. Liz Ringle attended meeting. Topic was gangs and keeping youths involved in the community. Our group could have a speaker to discuss ideas on keeping or community strong if there?s enough interest.

The Ice Cream Social, Yard Sale, Halloween Parade and Walk with Mayor Dave were all very successful events this year. We still need volunteers to help decorate for Santa Visit at Lucia Crest Park. There?s been some discussion of a January pot luck; do we want to pursue this activity

A copy of the updated by-laws was included in our last newsletter. Julie Horst asked for comments or corrections so we could either approve or table to next meeting. Two additions were requested: 1) clarify the boundary paragraph #E under Article III. by adding more punctuation 2.) add a line that states these by-laws supersede the last amended and adopted by-laws in 1988. Mary Bowman moved to accept by-laws subject to the addition of punctuation to the boundary section and the inclusion of Jean MacCubbin request for a date clarification. Deborah Helman seconded the motion. Bylaw changes were approved after a show of hands. Some discussion occurred on whether a quorum was needed, but general opinion seemed to be that it was not necessary due to the small size of our average meetings. Jean MacCubbin pointed out that bylaws can always be amended at the annual meeting. Article VI states that ?the Bylaws may be amended with a three-fourths vote of the residents present at the Annual Meeting provided such amendment as been published in the newsletter and posted to the web site at least two weeks prior to such meeting?.

President Julie Horst asked for volunteers or nominations from the floor for all officer posts. New terms will be starting in the spring next year. Both Kate Blumenthal, treasurer and Linda Fahy, secretary, said they were willing to continue another term. Since no one else responded, Julie asked people to think about it until our next meeting in Feb.

1. Kate Blumenthal asked if we should form a task force to discuss activity ideas and how to spend treasury money on needed projects.
2. Alder Tim Gruber spoke on the need for better playground equipment at Lucia Crest Park. Labor & installation is very expensive, but there is a matching grant program. Tim will set up a meeting for further discussion. Tentative date of Dec. 17. Check web site for details.
3. Julie Horst asked about continuing to have guest speakers at our meetings since they have been well received. We should continue to look into this. Send ideas to Julie.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30pm.

Linda Fahy, Secretary

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