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SVCA Meeting Minutes (Aug 2005)

Sequoya Branch Library 6- 8:45 PM

29 people attended: Mike Aebly, Carl Baumann, Leanne Bergstrom, Mary Bowman, Alta Charo, Jennifer & Sean Dargan, Ulrike Dieterle, Matthew Duddleston, Theresa Eckman, A.M.Fuller, Linda Fahy, Sally Hareman, Julie Horst, John Lalanne, Kathryn Maloney, Nancy McClements, Jean MacCubbin, John Ottinger, Marjon Ornstein, Chris Pitzne, Liz Ringle, Bernadette Schwister,Darran Schoer, Helen Thayer, Lynn Van Ells, Liz Vowles, C.E. Young, Pat Watkins.

The meeting was called to order by co- president Liz Ringle. Everyone present introduced themselves and Julie Horst presented the agenda.

Liz explained the details of our current membership drive and how the money is used to fund activities and the newsletter. The decision was made to make this year?s directory available on line instead of printed as a booklet. A printed version will be available for anyone who is willing to pay a nominal fee. Some questioned the definition of ?Sr? when paying membership dues, and the decision was to make it 65 years and older.

The date of the social has been changed from Sunday to Saturday afternoon Aug. 20 from 1-3 PM. The change was made so that firemen could bring the fire truck to the social since mandatory union restrictions require Sundays as their day off. Anyone who wants to bring ice cream toppings please help out. The Chocolate Shoppe is donating bowls and spoons, and providing ice cream at a reduced rate. A variety of music will be free!

The SVCA annual yard sale is still planned for Aug. 26 & 27 There were several requests to provide a map with listings of the participating homes. Balloons should be put on tables where maps are available. Linda Fahy has volunteered to do the maps. Suggestions were made to put yard sale ads in the Cardinal, University Herald and other papers.

The city needs a copy of our Bylaws for their records and our current Bylaws have not been revised or amended since 1992. Jean MacCubbin is forming a committed to address this. Liz Ringle, Linda Fahy and Theresa Eckman volunteered to help.

Liz Ringle reported on the meeting she attended for information on Hilldale mall construction. Please e-mail Liz if you have future questions & concerns about this area so she can relay them to Joseph Freed. Two main areas of complaint from lengthy discussions on the mall were 1) Tearing down or eliminating the movie theater and 2) installing an elevator or escalator to help seniors maneuver up the hill area at the west end of mall. Several people complained about Joseph Freed & Associates and had issues with lack of information about the construction. Requests were made to have a Freed representative speak at out next SVCA meeting. Jean MacCubbin also urged people to use either the SVCA or Yahoo group web site for information and to send in questions.

Julie has city contracts for the $3000 matching grants which just have to be signed. Bernadette is working on locations but needs more ideas for the second sign. The fire station has OK?d the use of their lawn on the corner of Regent & Midvale for one sign, but we will be responsible for maintaining the grounds around sign. Debate continued on location for second sign since Bethany Lutheran site is not available. We have money for 2 signs, but need to finalize locations for both.

We are planning a couple of events for the fall season: 1. A Halloween costume parade at Sunset Park with refreshments and prizes. Contact Kathryn Maloney if you can assist. We?ll need people to help pass out candy and decorate. 2. A Santa Party where Santa will make an appearance. We do need some volunteers to help finalize plans for this event. Guest Speaker Judy Plaenert Olson from the Madison library foundation spoke about expansion plans for the Sequoya Branch and changes to the retail stores around the library. She said no plans have been finalized but groundbreaking will probably occur sometime in 2006. The library will expand to 20,000 sq. ft. from 9,000 with an emphasis on improving and enlarging the children?s section. There may be condos or apartments over the retail stores, but those plans are not definite. The library is planning fundraisers to help match city money.

Before the meeting adjourned there were some ideas and suggestions for future events.
1. Walk with Mayor Dave. To emphasize good health, have the mayor come to Sunset Village and help us kick off a Walking Club. We could pass out flyers to publicize.
2. Revitalize the Sunset Ball. A dressy event for adults only. SV used to have some dressy parties, sort of a country club event. Carl Baumann will head up a committee to look into this.
3. History of the SV area . Marie asked if anyone had pictures of the old neighborhoods. Jean MacCubbin said the city?s sesquicentennial is in 2006, and it would be an appropriate time for us to work on our neighborhood history and form a history committee.
4. Future Dates . There were several requests for SVCA to set all dates for events and meetings in advance so people can plan accordingly. Particularly the Yard Sale every summer.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:40pm.

Linda Fahy, Secretary

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