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SVCA Meeting Minutes (May 2005)

Sequoya Branch Library 7 - 8:35 PM

There were 11 people present: John Ottinger, Jean MacCubbin, Julie Horst, Liz Ringle, Liz Vowles, Kathryn Maloney, Kate Blumenthal, Linda Fahy, Chic Young, Fred Gooding, George Drechman

The meeting was called to order by co- president Julie Horst. Officers were introduced and Julie presented the agenda.

Neighborhood Sign Update
Total money collected was $3039. A grant has been submitted to the city for matching funds and Julie hopes to have a response by the end of June or early July. The money should be enough to pay for one large and one small sign. A current rendering of the design was shown. There is no definite placement for either sign but the plan is to use both the west and south ends of the neighborhood. The 2 main suggestions for sign placement are: 1) large sign near the fire station at Midvale and Regent and 2) a smaller sign near Mt. Olive Lutheran church on Mineral Pt. Road. A question was asked about using banners on street poles instead of neighborhood signs, but Jean MacCubbin explained that the decision had been made to use the wooden signs so that the look would be consistent with surrounding neighborhoods.

Pete Kohlstruk, who has served as treasurer for 11 years, would like to step down. Julie asked if there was anyone who would be willing to take over his duties and Katherine Blumenthal volunteered. Katherine is new to Madison and the Sunset Village organization. Thanks, Kate!

West Campus Update
The West Campus Assn. needs feedback and comments on the UW Masterplan that was presented here at the library two months ago. Liz Ringle and Jean Mccubbin will meet with Liz Vowles to put together a written response. That meeting will be 7 PM Tuesday, May 17 at Liz ?s home.

Discussion was held on current neighborhood activities and whether there is a need for more events that would foster better community spirit. Events already on our summer agenda are:
1) ice cream social - The proposed time is early August. Kathryn Maloney volunteered to spearhead this event. There were requests to have the fire truck return since kids enjoyed it last year. George Dreckmann also suggested getting the new recycling truck to come for a demonstration. Liz asked if we could have live Irish music and John said he?d check into it.
2) Tots in the Park- First meeting was attended by about 14 new families. Playtimes will continue during the summer. There have been requests for a separate web site, or a link to the SVCA web site to help families obtain information and share ideas. The group will work on this.
3) Garage Sale- Julie Horst will chair this event. It?s planned for late August.
4) Plant Swap- Bad weather hampered the success of this last weekend. It is still a good idea and members would like to try again. Is there any interest in a garden club?

Membership Drive
The last membership drive was in 2002 and organized by Pete Kohlstruk. The concensus is that the information needs to be updated and the booklet redone. Janet Murphy is interested in heading up this committee but is not available until late summer. Kathryn Maloney and Linda Fahy alsovolunteered to help.

Web site
Many thanks to Brad Nordeng who did such a great job creating our new web site. To check it out go to
You can also use our Yahoo message board at

Update/SVCA Expansion
Since the residents living directly across from Hilldale Mall on Midvale are not part of any neighborhood organization, SVCA wanted to invite them to join our group. Julie Horst and Liz Ringle put together an invitation letter which was then mailed with the newsletter. 145 letters were sent out and so far there have been no responses. A brief discussion followed about continuing to contact this group and whether we should attempt to reach the owners of the apartment buildings. There were also suggestions to review the by-laws and rules for group expansion.

Future Agenda Items
Julie asked for topic ideas for the next quarterly meeting. 1) Update on Midvale Plaza., 2) Hilldale news 3) Neighborhood Care Committee.

The general meeting was adjourned at 7:45. Julie then introduced George Dreckmann, Madison?s Recycling Coordinator, who discussed the new recycling program which will begin in Madison on Sept. 12. George explained how the new trucks work, showed the 3 different cart sizes, and answered questions. The presentation ended at 8:35.

Linda Fahy, Secretary

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